Coffee and Health

Drinking Coffee Has Health Benefits 😉

*Coffee drinkers reduce their chances of dying of a heart attack, reduces also the risk of developing the Alzheimer’s disease, Dementia, Parkinson’s disease, gallstone disease and depression.

*Coffee/caffeine protects the liver and improves our general cognitive performance.

*Coffee contains the anticancer compound methylpyridinium,  a powerful anti-oxidant which is almost exclusively found in coffee.

* Coffee consumption helps manage asthma and even control attacks when medication is unavailable.
In conclusion:
A Cup a Day May Keep the Doctor Away

Coffee Health Benefits
Coffee Health Benefits

“ Overall, the research shows that coffee is far more healthful than it is harmful,” says Tom DePaulis, PhD, research scientist at Vanderbilt University’s Institute for Coffee Studies. “For most people, very little bad comes from drinking it, but a lot of good.”

Here’s a nice article on Coffee and its Health Benefits
“Health reasons to drink your coffee” by the Coffee Sage:
– Enjoy !


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