Bossa Caffè Boutique (description & reviews) Bossa Premio

Bossa Caffè Boutique

Bossa Caffè Boutique:

Premio: Bitter & Silky Smooth

Italian Roast
90% Arabica: from 4 different Arabica Beans: Brazil, Guatemala, Colombia, Java.
10% Robusta: High Quality from India.


“This is my absolute favorite product. If I had to be on a desert island with just one coffee-product this would be it!
Great Coffee!
Cheers! ”
Greg from TA

“Since my Aliah (I’m currently living in Tel Aviv, I didn’t really find a good coffee for a reasonable price up till now. I wanted a fresh-type quality blend for my automatic Syntia Saeco coffee-machine (which I received as a present from my wife a while back). I was searching for my one favorite coffee-spot to buy from, seems like I’ve found it.  I highly recommend buying at Coffee-Express, not only because they offers a great variety of coffee-products, but also because you can get advice from a trust-worthy and sincere seller.
Thumbs Up for Coffee Express!”
Anonymous from TA

“Bossa seems to me a great choice of coffee for a very reasonable price, therefore I go back to it quite often..
My favorite is Premio Beans for a nice wake-up. Since its got nice bitter taste with smoothness at the end.”
Steve Krauss


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