Bossa Caffè Boutique

Bossa Caffè Boutique - on sale @ Coffee Express Israel
Bossa Caffè Boutique - on sale @ Coffee Express Israel

Bossa Caffè Boutique offers a variety of tastes for coffee lovers, the full collection of blends:

I.  Classico : sweet & fruity. – link to purchase >>
II.  Premio : Bitter & silky smooth. – link to purchase >>
III. Eccellenza : Traditional Italian & chocolate sweet. – link to purchase >>
IV.  100% Arabica : Longlasting after-taste of Arabica. – link to purchase >>
V. Decaf : Special Traditional Italian, the perfect coffee taste.- link to purchase >>
VI. Kenya AA plus SuperStar : Quality at its Best! AA quality rank, (highly recommended for your espresso) – link to purchse >>

Bossa Caffè Boutique– offers a popular variety of coffee tastes and blends;  what makes the Bossa coffee so particular is a taste of freshness,  accompanied by the selection of the very best blends.

*The roasting is done on a weekly basis in order to promise freshness every time!

Along with a “boutique”-type  standard quality which you can recognize immediately.
On its packaging you will find the icon that will indicate the form: coffee beans or especially grounded for you Maquinetta; choose depending on your specific need.

*Home delivery from a quality coffee boutique offering personal service and guidance.

On sale @ Coffee Express Israel
Online website or come visit us at the Barista Shop in Tel Aviv. View Map


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