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Izzo coffee in Israel

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Izzo Caffè was founded near the Vesuvius in 1979 by Mr. Vincenzo Izzo as an artisan-based coffee roastery, which have been striving with passion to produce real Neapolitan espresso for over 25 years.

Izzo Caffe

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Caffè Izzo Award – “Coffee Of the Year 2016 & 2017”

Coffee of the year award
Coffee of the year award

The Alex Duetto III is indeed an impressive espresso coffee machine..

The Alex Duetto III is an impressive espresso coffee machine.

It has a commercial style rotary pump for near silent operation, rather than the vibration pump found on most domestic machines. The PID controlled twin boilers provide excellent temperature stability of the brew water which is important for great tasting espresso. The large amount of dry steam gives the user the ability to texture milk to a silky consistency which is vital for creating creamy lattes and cappuccinos.
But wait there’s more! The machine has a water tank, but at a flick of a switch it can be plumbed into mains water for the ultimate in hassle free coffee making.

Other features include a large drip tray, brew pressure and boiler pressure gauge and of course a PID temperature controller which can easily be adjusted to alter the brew water temperature if required.
The machine chassis and body is constructed from stainless steel and the general build quality is excellent and solid – it weighs 32kg!
This machine is a must see for anyone searching for a top end Espresso Machine.

For more info call now: 03-5233777

Kiryat Bialik Branch is OPEN !

Branching out to the North of ISRAEL – Kiryat Bialik (March 8, 2015)
Keren Hayesod 22, Kiryat Bialik.
Phone: 04-6962828


Opening Hours:

Sunday-Thursday:  10:00-19:00
Fridays  (& Hollidays) : 10:00-14:30

Arrival Map

In our SHOP: Coffee machines, espresso machines, maquinetta, capsules, pods, beans, fresh beans, boutique coffee etc.
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Coffee Express in the North
Espresso Machines / coffee machines  & quality coffee beans
Coffee Express in the North
Exchange parts for your maquinetta & water filters
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Coffee Boutique in Kiryat Bialik – North of Israel
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Coffee Express in the North – Kiryat Bialik

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Coffee as a status-identifier; )

Coffee as a status-identifier; )

Amongst the hi-techists and bourgeoisie in Israel, for those who enjoy a cup of coffee in the morning, a sophisticated coffee-machine comes in handy. People started to really become interested in coffee, have they realized the advantages of coffeine? Surely, they have a long time ago.. *Culture in a cup* has become a new facon in people’s homes. The morning Espresso had to be strong and freshly grounded. And there it is, a machine that does it ALL with a minimum effort, just press :”Espresso“, put your cup, wait 10 seconds.. “Your espresso is ready !”

As seen with all technological advanced gadgets, they all become accessible to the large masses and the different layers in a fraction of an instant, so, here we are; coffee-machines too are becoming a new trend in common people’s homes. Just because coffee does what my alarm clock does half-way..;)

Good Morning! 😉

For some reason when I took Bristot of the shelve in the shop, I didn’t have special expectations.. I just wanted to make a change in my habbits of coffee-drinking. It is only when I took a sip of my cup of espresso that i enjoyed it soo very much. It’s like when you go to a movie without knowing much about it, and expecting very little of it, that the surprise of it being a GOOD movie, receives its effect; in other words: WOW! So we’re talking about *Sublime from Bristot*. Its a bit sweet (i’ve always been a sweet-tooth) and its delicious! Off course it gave me a pleasant coffeine-effect to start my day.



sublime+luce 001





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